Stop Stuttering in Children

Stop Stuttering in Children

Stuttering is a problem affecting an estimated 3 million Americans. Most people begin stuttering when they are only children. Children can begin to stutter at ages of three to fiveyears old. For many people, stuttering can be a very short-lived thing.

They will often stutter as they begin to develop their language skills. Most will just grow out of it after a short period of time and stop stuttering. An estimated five to seven percent of children will stutter when they are developing their language skills. Only 1% or less of adults however struggle with stuttering.

Stuttering in children most likely will begin at ages between 18 and 24 months old. First signs can be a child’s harder time putting sentences together. For most children the struggle will be short-lived and only last for a few weeks to possibly a several months. Most likely children will have outgrown stuttering by the age of five years old. If a child continues to have trouble speaking after several months, then a parent should consider seeking out a speech pathologist to attempt to cure stuttering.

Parents should be supportive of their children and not get upset if their child begins to stutter on a few words. Most parents are advised to not try to interrupt their child or to try to cure their child when they are going through this phase.

A parent should not try to have the child slow down nor have the child repeat words when the child is talking. Parents should let the child work out of the stuttering for themselves. Bringing a lot of attention to the iddue in an attempt to cure the stuttering, the greater the risk the child may continue to struggle with stuttering when they need not. Ignoring the stuttering for the time being may be the best road and let it work its own self out.

Stuttering in children affects double the number of boys as girls. Struggling with stuttering at this stage early in life is something girls are less apt to go through.

Stuttering can be more common in children who have a family history of stuttering   If stuttering has appeared in your family your child could be more susceptible to the condition.  Some factors to consider are children who continue to stutter after this sometime temporary period of time in their life will be highly sensitive to their stuttering condition.  It can also cause some strong and profound traits found in perfectionists.   Parents should show their full support for their child in order to keep small things from upsetting him or her.

Family and parental counseling can in some cases help to cure the child’s stuttering problem.  As with many things in life, a support system is an important device in the child’s overall development whether the issue is stuttering, stammering or a completely unrelated topic all together.

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